“Faces” – a poem by my son on gun violence

Calvin wrote this poem about gun violence and was invited to present it at Girard College's MLK Service Day. I'm biased, but it's good. -------------------------------- In this city, life’s fragile, everyone’s vulnerable A warzone can arise from any block or empty lot There are casualties, and not just the fighters Kids, teens, even baby girls--all... Continue Reading →

Remember Death: a brief review

I still remember the cold and indifferent eyes of the two young men who just walked past me. Maleek* was just shot seventeen times in front of our house. A crowd had gathered as we waited for the cops to give another scoop and run. The shots ringing out, the blood-stained shirt, the lifeless body.... Continue Reading →

Part 2 of My D.Min. Proposal

Here is the section of my D.Min. proposal that addresses the historical precedents and cultural conditions of the research question I am addressing. It is similar to the Literature Review for PhD dissertations. Introduction There is a crisis of identity within the urban context. Our concern is, how may we apologetically address this identity crisis?... Continue Reading →

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